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Every business needs advertising to succeed. Promoting your business takes clever thought and imagination, and you can make it happen with custom digital printing services. Jazz up your business cards by making a bold statement, create custom apparel for your business team or hang an eye-catching banner outside your building to grab their attention.

Here are four ways to reach a marketable audience through the services of a printing company.

1. Create Custom Business Cards

Even in an age where digital marketing has become the new wave, business cards are still a must. If you own a small business, your printed cards can reach a host of individuals who might not otherwise have access to digital media. Also, unlike Internet advertising — which may come to a halt if there's a power outage or loss of Internet service — there's no downtime with a business card.

That said, how can you make your business cards stand out and get noticed by potential clients and customers?

While you probably know to include your personal contact information and information about your business, your printed cards need that extra touch. What type of business are you promoting? If it is a restaurant, print a small graphic of an appetizing menu item. If you are selling automobiles, include a graphic design of a car and, equally important, create your company logo and have it printed on your card.

If you want to try something fun and unique, how about placing your own photo on the card? Make it a simple headshot. This will make your face recognizable as a company representative.

2. Send out Clever and Cutting-Edge Postcards

Business cards are not the only way to promote your company. Why not design some eye-popping and unique postcards to send to established or potential clients? You might use a template that has the designs all ready to be printed or design your own postcard from scratch.

While similar to the typical business card, postcards are larger and offer more leeway for creativity. Begin with a company logo, then include clip art graphics or a handmade drawing. Perhaps an image depicting your business or theme would work. A colorful photo is a good idea as well.

3. Design Your Corporate Apparel Using Screen Printing

How about designing custom-embroidered or screen-printed apparel your team can wear on the job or when out and about? Go the traditional route and consider polo shirts with the company logo or a custom-printed baseball cap. If you want to be a bit more unconventional, consider a printed scarf or knit ski hat. Sweatshirts and jackets can also be custom printed to promote your business.

4. Print Custom Visual Banners

Sometimes business cards and postcards simply are not enough. If you are looking for ways to attract the attention of passersby and bring in foot traffic, why not get noticed with a custom-printed visual banner to place outside your building? Custom-printed banners are very versatile, as you can also bring them to a convention or business meeting

Choose the appropriate material, then let your imagination soar. Do you prefer vinyl to withstand the outdoor elements, or do you prefer fabric or mesh? You will have options for various sizes, ranging from a diminutive three-footer to a more sizable five or even eight-foot banner. In addition, you may choose a banner stand to keep your message standing upright.

Whether you're ordering custom printed business cards or full-sized banners, think outside the box and be original. If you're stuck for ideas, use online website tools or generators. They're available to help you.

For all your custom printing needs, contact  OKC Digital. They can make quality prints using your design.

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