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Direct Mail Services in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing or VDP is a system of printing that allows us to customize each print. VDP can be used to personalize graphics, logos and text. This helps you market to specific groups or individuals — which means you can bring in more customers. Here are a couple of ideas on how you could use VDP:
Variable Data Printing — Printing Services in Oklahoma City, OK

Variable Data Letters

When someone joins your company, subscribes to a service or creates an account with your business, it’s important to help them feel welcomed and appreciated. There’s no better way to show them a little love than by sending them a welcome letter.

Financial Statements

Financial data is extremely important to you and your customers. It must be kept secure and be printed correctly every time. Contact OKC-Digital to discuss your financial statement needs.

Mailing Lists

Mailing lists help you keep in touch with your customers and provide you with a support group when launching new products. At OKC-Digital, we’ll help you develop a smart mailing list service. Gather new customers and take care of those who already do business with you. We’ll take care of all your mailing needs and offer customizable options for your convenience.

Let the friendly team at OKC-Digital take care of all your print and mail needs. Stop by our office today to get started. We’ll help you execute your projects, brainstorm new ideas, and get every job done quickly. Contact us today to find out more.

Inkjet Addressing

With our inkjet addressing services, you’ll no longer have to spend valuable time filling out addresses on envelopes. Our inkjet printers allow your envelopes to be printed quickly and affordably, saving you both time and money. Visit our office today to begin and give your hands some rest. You don’t need to fill out envelopes anymore.